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"The 'Weapon" Takes Leander 2000 Title

Sean Milner and Steve MacIntosh of Chemical Weapon (Can.) have won the 50th Leander Trophy Contest, having proven unbeatable in the light air and consistent in the moderate. This is Sean's first Leander victory and Steve's seventh.
Sean and Steve Leader 2000 winners
2000 Leander Trophy Champions Steve and Sean
Sean, as Canterbury Commodore, and Steve, as Secretary/Treasurer (Can. and National), have both had significant involvement in the organising and running of the Leander contest. Both have spent many tireless hours during the regatta ensuring everything was kept running smoothly.

Steve has the distinction of being the only crew to have won the Leander with three different skippers (in 6 boats), this being his 25th contest having sailed in R's since 1971. This was Seans 16th Leander with 18 years experience in R's. He has built and sailed many boats over the years. Two of his previous boats, Buster Bloodvessel and Stealth, both competing in this contest.

Winners dunkning
The inevitable.....dunking
  • Photos....Linda Roe

Contest Summary

Day 1 saw light airs and a Canterbury benefit in the Invitation Race with the top six places being filled by Canterbury Boats. Race 1 was won by Chemical Weapon while Race 2 was resheduled for tomorrow afternoon due to feeble breeze. see Day 1 Pictures and Commentary

Day 2. Light airs in the morning meant another win for Chemical Weapon. Races 3 and 4 in the afternoon were ideal conditions for Tim Bartlet and Brett Gray (Dimension Polyant Akl.) who won both races with Stagecoach (Steve Hogg and Neill Wood Wlg.) second.
Day 2 Pictures and Commentary

Day 3. Morning race called off due to light airs. The first afternoon race featured a moderate NE breeze with Dimension Polyant, Stagecoach, and others over at the start. The Race was ultimately won by Meridian Energy (Dave Pairman and Tim Allan Can.) with AMI Insurance (Shane and Casey Bellingham Akl.) an impressive second. Dimension Polyant took out Race 6 followed again by Stagecoach and Brett Metson and Adam Miller in CourierPost a well deserved third. CourierPost lead yesterday afternoons first race before breaking their mast tip. Day 3 Commentary and a Reunion Commentary by Tony Shields.
Pictures up soon...

Day 4. Morning race called off due to light airs. Day 4 Commentary

Its all over, with two races missed due to light air. Here are the Final Results and Trophies.

Acid Rock Sprints
Dan Leech and Steve Fortune Sprint Champs
  • Photos....Linda Roe
Supercup Sprints.

Two fleets of 10 - 14 boats going head to head in three races over a 250m course set just off the shore. Top 5 boats from each fleet go into the three final races. Dan Leech and Steve Fortune in Acid Rock (Can.) emerged winners with Paul and Mark MacIntosh in Design Source (Akl.) runners up.

Supercup Sprint Commentary Super Cup Sprint Start

There are many people who deserve thanks for making this contest the great success it was.
Special thanks to:

  • Commander Brian Shanklin HMNZS Pegasus
  • Ross May (OD), Conal Laing, Peter Withall, Peter Cropp, Tony McKeogh, James Hodgson, Patrick McGuire, Pierce Prendergast, Ed Cotter and Ross Clapp - Race Committee and rescue boats
  • Pacifica Shipping - Squadron Transport
  • Race Sponsors - Kent Prior Real Estate, TheVirtual Ltd, Meridian Energy, Julie Cunningham Real Estate, Sydenham Bakery, Ian Franklin Boat Builders Montana Bakery, Euro Restaurant and Bar.
  • Sprint Series Supercup Sponsors - Ford Baker Real Estate Ltd, 92 MoreFM, Boat Ltd, Fyfe Sails, G & A Nelson, Treleaven Rigging, Stagecoach, Neat Furniture, Brent Cowan Plumbing, Power Boat Centre, Freshmax Marketing Ltd, Pete Hoskin Builders
  • Claire MacIntosh for support, help
  • Linda Roe for video, support and help
  • Nick Tolerton - Christchurch Star Journalist - for photography and enthusiastic promotion of the Class
  • Christchurch Yacht and Motorboat Club (CYMBC)
  • Basil Hart - Commodore CYMBC
  • Stephanie Royds - 50th Leander Programme
  • Paul Harrison - Video and Photography
  • Ian & Joy Smith - for decorating and cleanup of the hall
  • Graham Mander - Memorabilia
  • Andrea Winder and Leah Meldrum - Our Favorite Bar Staff
  • Graham Adams
  • John & Pat Douglas - Memorabilia
  • The Late Bruce and Rae Vallely - Memorabilia
  • Canterbury R Class Squadron Members
  • and many others who helped with the contest and contributed memorabilia...

Lyttelton harbour is the venue for the contest and generally features a good range of conditions. Lytteltons predominant breeze is a North-Easterly sea breeze.

Lyttelton Harbour
Lyttleton Harbour - Satellite image courtesy of Dave Pairman and Landcare Research

List of Entrants.

Leander 2000 Sailing Instructions (Adobe PDF 32k)

Racing and Social Program 

Check out the Notice Of Race and Remits for the 2000 Annual Conference