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What's an R Class?

Extreme performance, light weight, skiff style, development dinghy class in the truest sense (see the rules for details)

Length 3.9m (max)
Hull no minimum weight (typically 29-35kg painted), 1.4m minimum width
Construction Unrestricted (typically ultra lightweight Carbon/Foam)
Rig Unrestricted - typically two spreader pre-bent carbon spar.
Foils Unrestricted - currently boats are running:
  • Conventional centreboard and rudder
  • J Mail foils and T foil rudder
  • Flapped T main and T foil rudder
  • Rotating T main and T foil rudder
Working Sails Area is restricted 13m2 - construction and rig plan are unrestricted - wings, pocket luff, rotating masts are all acceptable
Kite 20m circumference resulting in a 30-36m2 surface area. Foiling boats are using screechers
Crew 2 (minimum) on trapeze