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Constitution of the New Zealand R Class Squadron

New Zealand "R" Class Squadron Constitution

(Revised July 1998.)

1.0 Title and class

1.1 The body shall be known as the New Zealand "R" Class Skiff Squadron
1.2 The class shall be known as the NZ "R" Class Skiff and shall be fostered and controlled by the New Zealand "R" Class Skiff squadron
1.3 " R" Class shall be read as meaning NZ "R" Class Skiff.

2.0 Objects.

2.1 To administer the "R" Class affairs on a national basis and to promote "R" Class yachting.
2.2 To encourage good fellowship and harmony between all regional "R" Class Squadrons.
2.3 To maintain the rules and specifications.
2.4 To give yachtsmen and women the opportunity to develop fast racing centreboard yachts, by realising their own ideas in design, limited only by the "R" Class specifications.

3.0 Definitions.

3.1 The Leander "R" Class rules shall comprise:

The NZ "R" Class Skiff squadron Constitution.
Leander Trophy Conditions
"R" Class Specifications

4.0 Membership.

4.1 Membership of the NZ "R" Class Skiff Squadron Inc. shall be open to regional squadrons.
4.2 Squadron membership shall be confirmed at the National Conference held annually.
4.3 Members of each regional squadron must be current financial members of a yacht club affiliated to Yachting New Zealand for the squadron to be eligible for national membership.

5.0 Subscriptions and Finance.

5.1 The annual subscription shall be set yearly at the National Conference.
5.2 Subscriptions shall be invoiced to the regional squadrons by the national secretary/treasurer.
5.3 A subscription shall be charged for each active "R" class in the region. Numbers shall be agreed with the national secretary prior to billing.
5.4 Only financial Squadrons have voting rights.
5.5 The National Secretary/treasurer shall be responsible for the financial administration and day to day running of the Squadron.
5.6 The National Secretary / Treasurer has the authority to operate the NZ "R" Class squadron bank account and to spend such sums as deemed necessary to further the objects of the New Zealand R Class Squadron.
5.7 All expenditure shall be ratified at the national conference following the approval of financial statements presented by the National Secretary/treasurer
5.8 No money shall be borrowed by the NZ R Class squadron without the approval of an annual or special general meeting.

6.0 Officers.

6.1 The Chairman shall be appointed annually at the National Conference. The chairman shall rotate in order of squadrons running North to South.
6.2. The Secretary /Treasurer shall be appointed annually at the National Conference.

7.0 Annual General Meeting.

7.1 An annual meeting known as the National Conference shall be held at the National contest each year.
7.2 The National Conference shall be called and organised by the National Secretary Treasurer.
7.3 The National Conference may be attended by any member of an affiliated R squadron and the Secretary/Treasurer who may also be a delegate.
7.4 The meeting shall:

Elect the officers
Confirm Squadron membership
Approve the financial statements
Set the national subscriptions
Discuss and vote on remits relating to:

- R Class Squadron Constitution
- Leander Trophy Conditions
- R Class specifications

7.5 A Remit is the written application by a regional squadron to change one of the "R" class rules. Remits must contain the proposed new wording.
7.6 Remits shall be submitted to the National Secretary by 15 November.
7.7 All remits shall be circulated to regional squadrons at least 30 days prior to the conference.
7.8 Remit wording may be amended during the national conference.
7.9 The National Conference minutes shall be distributed to regional squadrons within two months of the conference.
7.10 Any Amendments to the "R" Class Constitution or Leander Trophy Conditions shall be included in a revised issue of the Leander "R" Class Rules. This shall be distributed within three months of conference.
7.11 Amendments to "R" Class Specifications must be confirmed by a two thirds majority of all boat owners on the NZ Class register with paid up National subscription. If required the National secretary shall conduct a postal ballot within three months of conference.

8.0 Special General Meeting.

8.1 A special General meeting of regional squadrons may be called by two financial squadrons.
8.2. The special general meeting shall discuss matters set out on the agenda.
8.3 The special general meeting shall be called by the national secretary/treasurer.

9.0 Quorum.

9.1 Six delegates from three squadrons shall form a quorum at Annual and Special General Meetings.

10.0 Voting.

10.1 Each boat with current National subscription entitles it's owner to one vote. The chairman shall be entitled to a deliberate and casting vote.

11.0 Winding Up.

11.1 The body may dissolve by consent of the majority of members entitled to vote under the rules.
11.2 Any money left after all debts have been paid shall be forwarded to a yachting organisation with similar aims as the New Zealand "R" Class or to Yachting New Zealand.

Leander Trophy Conditions

1.0 National Championship and Trophy.

1.1 The trophy for the winner of the NZ "R" Class Skiff Championship shall be known as the "Leander Trophy"
1.2 The Leander Trophy shall be the property of the Canterbury "R" Class squadron.

2.0 Eligibility.

 2.1 The NZ R Class Skiff National Championship shall be open to any "R" Class yachts that conform to the class specifications. All competitors must be members of their Regions squadron and a YNZ affiliated yacht club.

3.0 Date and Place of Contest.

3.1 The intention is to fairly share the contest venues between the active regional squadrons on a rotational basis.
3.2 The date and place of the next Leander Trophy shall be notified on or before the preceding contest.
3.3 All applications to hold the championship shall be forwarded to the national secretary.

4.0 Number of races.

4.1 The NZ R Class Skiff National Championship shall be held over a minimum of 6 races with all races to count.
4.2 In the event of cancellations, a minimum of 5 races shall be required to decide a winner.

5.0 Sailing Rules.

5.1 Racing shall be conducted under the current lASF Rules, YNZ amendments, R Class rules, the notice of race and the sailing instructions printed for the event.

6.0 Contest Management.

6. 1 The hosting regional squadron will be responsible for organising and running the contest in accordance with YNZ guidelines.

7.0 Measurement.

7. I No yacht shall be allowed to compete unless the official measurement form is completed, signed as correct by the squadron measurer and handed to the race committee prior to the start of the first race.
7.2 All sails are subject to re measurement at any time. Spinnakers may be dried. .
7.3 The area of each sail shall be marked on the tack corner, signed and dated by the measurer.
7.4 The sails to be used during the contest must be nominated on the official measurement form or declaration.
7.5 Only one mainsail, two Jibs and two Spinnakers may be nominated for use during a contest.
7.6 All measurement forms shall be forwarded to the national secretary /treasurer following the contest.
7.7 A declaration on the measurement form may be submitted in lieu of measurement if no sail alterations have occurred since the previous measurement form was signed.

8.0 Method of deciding a winner.

8.1 The winner shall be the yacht which has accumulated the highest aggregate points using the following points system:

8.1.1 Points shall be awarded according to the formula 400/(N+3) where N is the finishing position of any yacht.
8.1.2 Yachts disqualified or not competing in any one race(DNC,PMS, RET & DSQ) shall receive no points for that race, and shall not be given a finishing position.
8.1.3 Competing Yachts that fail to finish (DNS or DNF) in any one race shall receive half the average points these boats would have received had they finished.
8.1.4 In the event of a tie in total points between two or more yachts, the tie shall be broken in favour of the yacht or yachts with the most first places, and, when the tie remains, the most second places, and so on, If necessary for such races as count for total points.

9.0 Entry Fee.

9.1 The entry fee and late entry fee shall be set by the organising authority and notified in the notice of race.

10.0 Handicap Races.

10.1 Handicap races for the "Leander Cup" may be held in conjunction with the championship.
10.2 The winner of the Leander Trophy, Bank of New South Wales Trophy, Hayman Trophy are ineligible to win the Leander Cup.

11.0 Dispensations.

11.1 A Committee comprising two delegates from each regional squadron may with a two thirds majority give dispensation to the class and lASF rules for a specific championship, where this dispensation will not provide any unfair sailing advantage.
11.2 The committee described in 11. 1 shall be coordinated by the national secretary and shall meet prior to the start of the first race.