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Leander 1999 - Pt Jerningham, Wellington

Won by Aucklands R583 C Tech sailed by Alex Vallings & Andrew Meikeljohn
Leander 1999 Day 3 - 27 Feb 1999

Well, what can one say. Awaking all too early with not enough sleep, the day dawns windy and wet. After breakfast, we journey down to the yacht club to suss out the days’ happenings. Finally, the RO decides to call the days’ racing off. Thank god for race five yesterday.

Leander 1999 Day 2 - 26 Feb 1999

The day dawned cloudy with a light northerly and (for most) relatively hangover-less. Concentration was as high as the stakes. Could the’Weapon boys hold on to their lead? Or would Design Source come through to defend it’s title. Only time and high stress racing would tell.

Leander 1999 Day 1 - 25 Feb 1999

The tension was mounting. The day of reckoning had arrived. Soon all would know how fast they really were. A huge entry of 28 boats ensured that the fleet would be competitive at all levels. Only time would tell who would be the victor, who would take home the last Leander Trophy for the century.

Leander 1999 Day 4 - 28 Feb 1999

This saw an end to the Leander Trophy for 1999, only five races into the series. Winners were declared, a prize giving held and people started to drift away. The Boys decided that Laser Strike was the call for the day, so a skippers vs crew competition was held, with the crew kicking ass (what would you expect??)

Dimension Polyant Sailcloth

"The Guru" Tim Bartlett has teamed up with Brett Gray to take on the Leander Trophy. Fresh from the pinicle of 12 Foot Skiff sailing these guys fly in the breeze. This is Tims seventh crack at trying to bag the Leander Trophy and is another one to watch.


Dr Dave Pairman has recently defected from the Wellington Squadron to Canterbury. Dr Dave is a specialist at sticking the boat down the mine and snapping masts. The skiff has some very good results recently finishing Second at the annual Ruddiman trophy. Dave will be one to watch for a spectacular mast breakage.

Dirty Dancing

The Canterbury pairing of Force and Parksy are a formidible combination. This pair offer the most experience in the class having been sailing Skiffs for a combined total in excess of 40 years. These two are also top performers in Canterbury and know all the tricks to beat the opposition on and off the water.

Total Trust

Would you trust this man. Greg Roake and Ben Burnstone sailing the R Class Skiff "Total Trust". The camera caught these two at an interesting moment. These two skiffies really know how to 'send it' on and off the water. The 1999 Leander will see Captain Roake in the new skiff Check 2000.


From Canterbury, this Skiff is one of the top performers. Good all round performer even with a single trapeeze. Skipper Sean Milner has recently sold the boat and is launching a new Austrailian Woof Design Hull for the 1999 Leander and is teaming up with Steve Macintosh, the well known guru of Canterbury Skiff sailing. All the skiffies are hopeful this will entice Sean onto the wire.


With a new Austrailian Woof Design Skiff and fresh from skiff sailing in Brisbane this pair of Steve Hogg and Neill Wood are the Wellington home town favourites. These two are not shy when it comes to sending their boat in top end conditions. Local knowledge and fresh conditions will be a factor that these lads will enjoy.

Apple Computers

Now Renamed 'MORE FM' Rick Chapman and Grant Nelson are not new commers to Skiff Racing. These lads will be clocking up a combined total in excess of thirty five years sailing R Class Skiffs. There is no trick that these two dont already know. A top Canterbury performer this boat will fly in all conditions. Chappy and Nelly will pull out some crafty tricks, look out for these two.

Acid Rock 92

Paul and Steve MacIntosh in flight during the 92 Leander in Lyttelton (during which, you might recall, they won every race).

Academy Interprint

Brent Metson has reconfigured the skiff into ETA RIPPLES RACING. A top Auckland performer Brent drives the boat and crew hard in all conditions. The 'Pud Man' is an extreme sailing specialist and revels in top end conditions. This will be a top contender at a fresh contest.