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Leander 2007 - ASC, Oraki Bay, Auckland

The 57th R Class National Championship was held at Auckland Sailing Club, Oraki Bay on Auckland Harbour from 8 - 11th March 2007.

Another great contest, well run by Phil Airey, Maxine Bartlett, Russell and Chris Skinner under sometimes very variable conditions. For the entire series the weather was fine and hot without a drop of rain. The usual Auckland hazards were present, the shore, ferries and pleasure craft.

2007 Leander Winners Dan Leech and Sean Milner 018.jpgSean Milner and Dan Leech in Nuplex were deserving winners in their self designed and built L3 hull. After being close runners up last year, they finally had the bugs ironed out of the L3 rocketship. This was Leech's first win and Milners second. Previous winners Paul MacIntosh and Kenny Fyfe sailed well for second, but the pace of the L3 ultimately won out with Nuplex winning several of the races by large margins. Simon Ganley and Rod Chave (Dimension Polyant), always quick in the breeze, are now quick in all conditions and sailed consistently earning third place.

There was good racing throughout the fleet and everyone seemed to come away from the contest inspired having thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The outright speed of the two L3's present generated a good deal of interest and it looks like there may well be a few more on the water next season. Now that the L3 has shown it really is a step ahead, some of the design oriented sailors may well be going back to the drawing board to work on some new innovations. There's always more speed out there and its definitely all looking good for the future.

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