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Leander 2016 Super Cup Sprint Series Report

Race start 12:15. Breeze looks good. Pretty flat. 18kts by 11am so it looks like it'll be fairly solid by race start.

R582 - Chemical Weapon - James Collet and Sam Stockwell - on the windSadly we are short a few boats as people are away. But 4 keen crews line up. As always the sprint course is challenging, breeze is onshore, its gustier than in the harbour and usually a little lighter nearer the bottom mark. Top mark is allegedly far enough off the rocks to get around a capsized boat, hoist and gybe with a few seconds to spare.

Race 1

Due to confusion (actually just inattention on 3 of the boats) the start looked like some sort of choreographed handicap with boats starting at 30 sec intervals. Chemical Weapon (James and Sam), the only boat on the case, got off to a flier with Massive Attack (Nick and Doug), second round the top mark. They then bore away and cartwheeled spectacularly, much to the delight of the onlookers. More FM (Steve and Tony) was the first of the foilers closely followed by the tardy TheVirtual crew (Paul and Leo). Chemical Weapon in a rush of excitement squandered their massive lead, swimming whilst dropping the kite. MoreFM and TheVirtual made up most of the ground and were closing by the top mark. The Weapon rounded the top mark, bore away, and were felled by another gust; allowing MoreFM, followed by TheVirtual through for the first two places. Chemical Weapon scrambled up and finished third.

Race 2

R565 - MoreFM - Steve MacIntosh and Tony Park Breeze was up to nearer 25kts at the top mark, with some challenging gusts. The start was much closer with all the boats having caught up on the "3 minute start sequence thing" we'd talked about. MoreFM, TheVirtual and Massive Attack all opted for a port start, despite the inner mark being 20m off the rocks. The two foilers were close at the first tack with TheVirtual ahead and pulling away on the layline. TheVirtual arrived at the top mark and bore away just as the massive gust they had been watching arrived. Leo having done a few full speed foiling bear aways naively thought he was sufficiently braced. Initially he was left behind due to the change in direction and acceleration, but rapidly arced around, bounced off a wave and was back on board the foredeck. Unfortunately in scrambling back the wand was dislodged from its socket, removing lift from the foils. With the "rocks" rapidly approching a gybe was called, followed by a kite hoist and relative calmness was restored. Chemical Weapon was next around the top mark, but succumbed to pressure from the closely following Massive Attack, pitching it in during the hoist. MoreFM took advantage of the now non-foiler's lack of pace and leapt out to a 20 second lead by the bottom mark. Massive were also hauling in the hapless foiler, but swum in a big gust at the bottom mark. MoreFM had stretched out what looked like an unassailable lead at the last mark, but the halyard uncleated during the hoist, they drove over the kite and the inevitable swim ensued. This left the wounded TheVirtual just enough time to come though and pip them on the, actually were is the finish boat?, now imaginary line. Yamaha Rescue had to leave in a hurry to help out with an incident on one of the other courses, leaving us to finish ourselves. Chemical Weapon and MoreFM sailed up and down entertaining the crowd, while TheVirtual raced to shore, applied a couple of cable ties, and were back out. Unfortunately conditions in the middle were over 25kts sustained with a fairly nasty chop, meaning there was a bit of work for our hard working start boat. We'll have to resume the sprints at a later date.

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Special thanks to our start boat crew, Club Manager Matt (and his keen young helpers), for setting the marks and running the starts.<

Results Crew Race 1 Race 2
92 MoreFM Steve MacIntosh and Tony Park 1 2
TheVirtual Paul Roe and Leo Pritt 2 1
Chemical Weapon James Collet and Sam Stockwell 3 3
Massive Attack Nick James and Doug Gale 4 4