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Intergalactic Series 2015 - 2016 Race 1 Report

Think: herding cats. Attempting to get a group of over powered small sail craft to the start line, more-or-less at the same time, was proving to be futile.

So, having pre-start cart-wheeled once already, the erratically foiling Merde crew made the executive decision for a Le Mans style start. The business-like Rampant got a R582 - Chemical-Weapon - James Collet and Sam Stockwellway first but were wound in licky-split by the low-riding Merde (as can be seen here). Despite the new crew on the Weapon struggling his bestest to dislodge his skipper, the blossoming Jimmy-Sam partnership managed to carve a surf board like tack to join the leading pack for the windward sprint. The appropriately named Team GALE then Massive(ly) Attack(ed) the fleet as the rest of us got vaguely near the top of the first leg.

In the mean-time, the top mark had dragged her anchor away out to the right. As we got to it, the rescue boat was hauling it aboard and then reversing downwind; requiring a choice load of naughty words and a really hairy port-side bear-away. Phew, survived that! “It’s getting windy” I bellowed into my deaf skipper’s ear, as we then managed the second miraculous, staying-upright, bear away. “Wednesday?” he replied querulously, “it’s Saturday, stupid idiot; now get that figgin dangerously over-powered kite UP!”

OK. So it was a really dumb day for me to experiment with mixing old-fashioned bag-like kites and a foiling R-Class. There was a flash of excellent speed, then total non-control. We landed the second sky-ward launch awkwardly, loading up the starboard foil well past Manufacturer’s Recommendations, and snapped her orf. More choice naughty words from the said Manufacturer, and limpy home time for us.

Rampart then proved there is plenty of power in going small-kited, to seize the lead, as can be seen here. .

Their second time at the front lasted the whole second leg, but the Chemical Weapon seared pass ‘em, near the bottom mark. The Weapon managed to then keep her lead over the last lap, even with all three sails being holed by this stage, giving her crew the maximum possible zero points. That, dear readers, was an awesome day’s sailing.