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Intergalactic Series 2015 - 2016 Notice of Race

Rules and Dates

Race 1 is 24 October 2014

Rules are pretty simple

Use the club Saturday races. First race only to count per day (i.e., only one intergalactic per week), all Intergalactic races to count.

 From this Saturday 24/10/2015 and then one race per month until 12/03/2015, or the end of NPC summer season if we need layover days. Race dates

 Low points per person.

 Each time you sail with a new different person you get -1 points.

 In a tie, that can't be resolved by count back, crews beat skippers as they cross the line first

 The Race Officer will consider protests only if made within 1 to 2 minutes after him getting out of the shower and only if accompanied by craft beers


  1. EXCELLENT forecast for Saturday. If you need crew or a skipper, there are keen spares of both types available. Contact Paul, as he's currently running the R-class dating service


Warm regards, P