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2016 Battle for the Toaster

Massive Attack has wrested the Toaster from Merde's grasp!

The scheduled race got away in a screaming 4 knots of breeze. 3 Rs were on the water at the start time, including the newest boat, Levitate. Both foilers struggled in the light conditions; so the conventionally centre-boarded Nick and Doug inc. established a seemingly unassailable lead.  However, the sneaky Merde crew caught a lucky shift and slunk in front - but their sloppy maneuvering allowed them be undertaken 10 seconds later at the last top mark rounding.  There were 2 kind of lead changes in the random wind downhill, but in the end Massive Attack had no real worries in securing the prize.

The wind filled in to a whole 6 - 8 knots later in the PM, which gave the late launching Paul and Jess a chance to test the new foils in marginal conditions. The new fully pivoting system is looking very promising.

Sunday featured one of the few moderate NE breezes so far this season. So Peter and Paul snuck out for some testing. Sailing was mostly excellent, however, a small mechanical issue meant a total loss of lift on the main foil, at inopportune times. Resulting in a close encounter with the jib luff and Peter 'twinkle toes' Holder dancing along the edge of the foredeck a couple of times. Fun all round.