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2015 – 2016 Inter-Galactic Series. Race 2 report.

The forecast said 8 to 10 knots – and hence it was looking to be a good day to get a few new sailors out.

In true Inter-Galactic fashion, the fleet was riven with new and unusual crew-skipper-boat partnerships.  However, at 2 mins before launching, the wind cranked from 6 to 20 knots, gusting 25.  To add to the excitement, we arranged for the maximal outgoing tide to be right on start-time, to give nasty big waves with steep faces.

In the most sensible move of the day, the rapt-R crew threw the rudder-pin overboard at the ramp, assigning themselves to the Rabid swappa crew roster.  In the mean-time, Matt, the new club manager, scored huge brownie points by giving us a special start.  Massive Attack decided to get a swim in with about 30 seconds to go, allowing Merde an unchallenged, timed-to-the-second, start.  The rest of the fleet were all going very fast – albeit with some randomness in direction – to join the fray in widely spaced intervals.  Merde were having over-angle of attack (on main hydro-foil) induced flutters – but by slowly cranking the foil back they gained a small degree of control.  Until the top mark rounding.  Oh-yes-baby, Merde had fluked the sweet spot foil setting for the down-hill run to achieve hitherto unachieved kite speeds – but the aforementioned steep faced waves were now breaking, giving sustained periods of wand-free flight – nauseating the owner and delighting the crew.  Massive boosted gallantly after them with the big green kite; but it was really an effort in vain, so they decided to go down the mine – big-time!  So we can now confirm: those narrow bows of the L3s’ really do let them go completely arse-up.  The Chemical Weapon crew also found the waves a challenge, and similarly gave kite-mining a go.  However, the newbie crew otherwise did a sterling job of minimising swimming; so Paul says he’s is a gem and we’ll keep him. 

On the second lap, we all threaded through a large wind-surfer race fleet, because we needed the extra stress; but it was nice to be going faster than them for once.  Merde maintained her composure to outrun all the other Rs plus the club speed boat, to have a comfortable win.  However, Sam moves to top of the table by virtue of jumping ships and consistent form (see results table).  Rabid’s skipper did an awesome job of blasting around an extra-long course with a complete novice crew, who had a true skiff introduction day of high speeds and big wipe-outs.  They reported afterwards they’d being trying to get back to the ramp for more than half their time sailing.  I’m glad the forecast was wrong.

Intergalatic 2015 - 2016                  
    Race 1 - 24/10/2015. 20 knots, NE Race 2 - 29/11/2015. 15-20 knots, NE
Person Total Points Position Boat Bonus Score Position Boat Bonus Score
Sam I Am Stockwell 2 1 Chemical Weapon -1 0 3 Rabid -1 2
Doug Gale 5 3 Massive Discount   3 2 Massive Dismount   2
Nick James 5 3 Massive Discount   3 2 Massive Dismount   2
Dave Pairman 5 DNF Le Merde   4 1 Le Merde   1
Peter Holder 5 DNF Le Merde   4 1 Le Merde   1
James Collet 7 1 Chemical Weapon -1 0 DNC     7

Rowan Sinton

8 DNC     6 3 Rabid -1 2
James Maynard 8 2 Rampant   2 DNS     6
Paul Roe 8 DNS     5 4 Chemical Weapon -1 3
Hayden Bruce 9 2 Rampant   2 DNC     7
Leo Pritt
9 DNC     6 4 Chemical Weapon -1 3
Gert 10 DNC     6 5 Rabid -1 4
Ellen Palmer 10 DNC     6 5 Rapt-R -1 4
Jessica (new-ish Jess) Lee
13 DNC     6 DNC     7
Tony Parks 13 DNC     6 DNC     7
Matt Bancroft 13 DNC     6 DNC     7
Malcolm Snowden 13 DNC     6 DNC     7
Sean Milner 13 DNC     6 DNC     7
Steve Mac 13 DNC     6 DNC     7