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Gryphon - Sponsors Update

by Philip *Asti* Royds

Big Wal is alive and well in Pomgolia, missing you all and sends love and kisses. Now he is on the big £ he has offered to commit £1 for every $1 spent on Gryphon last year. Asti (Philip) and Head-Bleeder (Kent) are very encouraged and have been embarking on an aggressive development programme over the winter. The boat has been next to the Leander Champion Chemical Weapon all winter at Sean-the-single-mans place, progress has been steady.

Sending big respect to Sean, particularly thanks for researching and finding the new pre start assembly, you are the man!

The Pundits are already saying that Gryphon could be the one to watch this coming season particularly as she is already ready to go, as I write this, three weeks before opening.

The crew are in good shape. Head-Bleeder has been bulking up over the winter and Asti hasn't lost any of his condition since last season.

Looking to mix it with you all this season and go for those early points.