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Canterbury R Class Squadron 2013 Update

Hopefully the start of the season is finding everyone well and ready to sail.

Canterbury Champs
First off the Canterbury Champs are being help over at Charteris Bay Yacht Club on the 30th of November. According to their website the start time is 12:30. Keep an eye on the R Class Website ( and the facebook page for any changes. 
If you want to sail and need a crew let me know and Ill endeavour to pair people and boats up.

Club Boats
The squadron has 3 club boats that are all looking for someone (well actually 2 people per boat) to take on to care for and sail for a season. If you are keen to get into the class these provide a great opportunity to learn and develop your skills under the guide of some of the very experienced sailors we have floating around the class.

Need a Boat/ Need A Crew / Need A Skipper 
If you are looking for people to sail with both part time or full time the face book page has got a pretty awesome following of people both in and out of the class. Just put a post up on the page and see if you get any interest. If you can't find anyone or don't like letting the GCSB see what your up to in the weekends then drop me a line and Ill try and sort you out. 

Other Events
The second race of the intergalactic series is coming up on the 16th of November. This is the second year of running this event. It has an awesome trophy with lights and stuff and it is competed for at a individual level. If you want to get involved get your self on a boat and get on the score board. 

Leander is on the 13th - 16 of Feb so make sure you start saving leave, energy and liver function. 

Since the season is pretty much under way now we are going to have regular committee meetings every month so we can keep the momentum up with the development of the squadron. In the last few years we have had some awesome growth and development, with new people coming into the class as well as the investment in the containers and club boats down at the club. If you want to help out the exciting development going on with the squadron come along to the committee meetings, held the second Tuesday of every month. The next meeting will be at Elevate Bar at the bottom of Dyers Pass Road. starting at 7pm on Tuesday the 12th.
 Agenda Items
  • Funding Applications and Proposals
  • Club Boat Maintenance and Development 
    • Repair Work 
    • Development
  • Containers and Storage over at the Yacht Club
    • Racks
    • Painting
  • How are we going to get people paired up and into boats
Awesome, see you on the water.